OK, so I made 32bit jail by this instructions: 
and rebuilt pil. Now all seems goes well. Now I need to get working IPv6 
address inside a jail, but I should go now :)

Вторник,  1 января 2013, 11:23 +01:00 от Alexander Burger 
> Hi Mansur,
> > I found this: 
> > http://lists.freebsd.org/pipermail/freebsd-questions/2010-August/220250.html
> > Maybe the problem is with system headers, that are not 32bit aware on 
> > FreeBSD x64
> Indeed. This describes quite well the possible reason of the problems.
> > Btw, what about x64 version of picoLisp on FreeBSD? Is this possible
> > and how I can help with it?
> Good idea! We should try to get pil64 running then.
> If the architecture is x86-64, we just need to extend src64/Makefile a
> little (i.e. add a clause for 'FreeBSD', similar to the 'SunOS' stuff),
> and create two new files
>    src64/sys/x86-64.freeBsd.defs.l
>    src64/sys/x86-64.freeBsd.code.l
> The "defs.l" file can be generated pretty easily now, because since the
> 'emu' version we have a C-Programm 'src64/sysdefs' which prints most of
> its contents ('emu' simply includes the standard output of that
> program).
> The "code.l" might be more difficult. It holds a set of stub functions
> which are system dependent, and which can be found by compiling and
> disassembling test programs in C, or perhaps by looking at the proper
> macro expansions in the system's include files. So here some detective
> work is necessary ;-)
> ♪♫ Alex
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