Hi all. This is a script I wrote to auto-build .deb packages with the
latest sources, or a specific (current) repo version. Haven't tested it
thoroughly. So far it works just fine here. It lacks some things like
dependency checking/installing and a few tests for things that could
go wrong here and there. I won't go out of my way to test it on other
boxes/systems/settings since it's a minor script (and it's original
purpose was to make life simpler for those trying to figure out how to
build a .deb package out of the hg sources), but if you find any
problem with it I'll fix it right away. Also, I'm open to suggestions
and improvements.

How to use:
  % cd picolisp-sources-dir   # can be a repo or just an unpacked tgz
  % pil auto-backport.l
  if everything went well...
  % sudo dpkg -i picolisp_VERSION_ARCH.deb
  where VERSION = sources_version + repo_local_rev_num (if any)

That'd be all. Hope it's useful.

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