On Sun, Feb 10, 2013 at 09:16:03PM +0800, Samuel Dennis Borlongan wrote:
> Speaking of using PicoLisp to make Java less painful (I love Java), I was
> trying to find a way to convert any Java collection to a PicoLisp list by
> ...

Wow, cool!

> It's horribly inefficient (at least conceptually), but 'javaPlus' does the
> job, somewhat (no dice, however, for some edge cases involving
> javax.sound.midi.Sequencer).

Still, that's great!

> Disclaimer: the following code should never, never, _/*never*/_ be treated
> as production-ready code, let alone the kind of code that should be mailed
> in a mailing list. It is created by a complete amateur who only studied
> Lisp last year because he believes that, by the age of 22, he should have
> learned Java, COBOL, and 4 kinds of Lisp (CL, Scheme, Clojure, PicoLisp [my
> favorite]). Beware.

Haha :)

Don't worry! To me it looks like you are very advanced already.

Not that I understand the details, or even really delved into it, as I'm
out of Java praxis since 15 years.

But it might turn out very useful when writing ersatz applications, and
as examples for the reflection API.

Thanks for sharing this!

♪♫ Alex
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