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On Wednesday 08 of May 2013 16:03:36 you wrote:
> It looked quite fine, except for two missing leading dots. I'm just a
> bit curious about where those dots got lost, so I try again here:
> This line should have one dot up front, and
> .. this line should have three dots up front.

this is how it looked to me.

The only thing that comes to mind is SMTP protocol, which uses a line with 
exactly one dot as end-of-transmission marker.

from wikipedia:
> [the message body] is terminated with an end-of-data sequence. This sequence
> consists of a new-line (<CR><LF>), a single full stop (period), followed by
> another new-line.

>  Since a message body can contain a line with just a period as part of the
>  text, the client sends two periods every time a line starts with a period;
>  correspondingly, the server replaces every sequence of two periods at the
>  beginning of a line with a single one. Such escaping method is called
>  dot-stuffing.


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