Hi Alex,

On 13-05-13 13:43 , Alexander Burger wrote:
Hi Jon,

Cloud9 IDE Support, I have to set the IP to which the socket (port
8080) should bind, to How do I set this IP in
Though I'm not very knowledgeable about those network issues, I'm afraid
this is not directly possible.

The Lisp-level 'port' function, which does the 'bind'ing internally, has
'in6addr_any' hard-coded. So you need to either modify "src64/net.l"
(around line 36), or do the whole binding in a separate 'native'
function call.

Any other idea (e.g. some proxy)?

♪♫ Alex

At the moment, modifying "src64/net.l" sounds like the easiest way to get a web app running on Cloud9. However, I'm not familiar with the (assembly) language used in that file. Do you have any idea of how a tweek to that file would look?

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