Hi Jon,

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> >>Cloud9 IDE Support, I have to set the IP to which the socket (port
> >>8080) should bind, to How do I set this IP in
> >>PicoLisp?
> ...
> At the moment, modifying "src64/net.l" sounds like the easiest way
> to get a web app running on Cloud9. However, I'm not familiar with
> the (assembly) language used in that file. Do you have any idea of
> how a tweek to that file would look?

Hmm, just an _idea_. I'm absolutely unsure whether I'm on the right
track with that. No guarantee! :)

My guess is:

1. Put the line

   : MyIpAddr asciz ""

   somehere into "src64/net.l", e.g. before or after 'doPort'.

2. Change line 36 of "src64/net.l"

      mset (Addr SIN6_ADDR) 16  # "::" (16 null-bytes)


      cc inet_pton(AF_INET6 MyIpAddr &(Addr SIN6_ADDR))

Does this work?

♪♫ Alex
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