> > Thanks! The 'make' went fine now. However, when I try to run my web
> > app now, I get "IP bind error: Address already in use". ;-)
> > I think I may have to bother C9 Support again.
> Ah, but perhaps this is (partially) good news, because it seems to
> have taken the address! :)

Just throwing in an observation in case it hasn't already occurred
to you - the "Address already in use" error might well not be a picolisp
or C9 problem at all, but that you are reconnecting to the socket
without having set the SO_REUSEADDR option (or equivalent). Without it
you can't reconnect to an already connected socket, e.g. for about 90
seconds on Linux, or similar duration on other platforms (must wait
for OS to release socket based on its own view of things).

If that is totally unhelpful or irrelevant then sorry for the
line-noise ;-)

Rowan Thorpe
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