> Alexander Burger wrote:
> I see. So my proposal of calling inet_pton() was not correct :(
> I have no idea at the moment. Somebody (me?) must dig into TCP
> networking (again). Haven't touched that for a while.


I think I might have found an explanation for the "already bound"
error, and if it is this, then the error is not very appropriately
worded (it might actually be a propagated inet_pton syntax error). On
the inet_pton manpage I found this:

       AF_INET6 does not recognize IPv4 addresses.  An explicit IPv4-mapped
       IPv6 address must be supplied in src instead.

Hopefully someone will get around to fixing that one day (I would have
thought it would be a trivial fix...?!). The ipv6 address space is a
(128bit) superset of the (32bit) ipv4 space anyway, so I don't see a
reason *against* handling that syntax too...

What happens if you do the same steps in the last version Alex told
you to do, but instead of:

  : MyIpAddr asciz ""

you put the ipv6-mapped address for it:

  : MyIpAddr asciz "::ffff:"

Rowan Thorpe
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