Hi Alex,

I inserted the "(trace 'file)" (on Cloud9) and what I get is this:

file :
file = ("doc//" "default" . 3)


On 21-05-13 18:00 , Alexander Burger wrote:
Hi Jon,

files on the index list, since they have got URLs like
"http://localhost:8080/doc/ref.html";. However, when I run my web.l
on Cloud9 and go to "http://demo-project.jkleiser.c9.io/doc/";, then
the URL for doc/ref.html is now
"http://demo-project.jkleiser.c9.io/doc/doc/ref.html";; there's one
"doc/" too much. What may be the reason for this?
Hmm, difficult to tell remotely. I suspect that this can be only the
'Path' local variable, i.e. the return value of (file) in

      (let (Path (car (file)) ...

Can you insert a 'trace'

    (trace 'file)
    (html NIL "-index-" "@lib.css" ...

in the beginning of the "default" file, to see what it returns?

♪♫ Alex

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