Hi Jon,

> to see if something magical have happened that would make it
> possible for me to build 64-bit PicoLisp, so I did the "(cd src64;
> ...
> runtime. As I'm not very convinced that such a Java SE 6 runtime
> would give me the 64-bit PicoLisp, I have not accepted that offer
> yet. Am I wrong? ;-)

If you install Java, you can cross-assemble PicoLisp via ErsatzLisp.
This is usually not necessary, because you might as well download the
pre-assembled '*.s'-files.

BUT: In case of the Mac, both approaches won't work, as the Mac's
a.out-format is still not supported (you know .. ye old problems).

So better don't install Java ;-)

♪♫ Alex
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