Hi Jon,

> I inserted the "(trace 'file)" (on Cloud9) and what I get is this:
> ...
> file = ("doc//" "default" . 3)

OK, good. That's the same I get.

Then Path must be "doc//", and then "doc/". So the problem is that

   (<href> F (pack Path F))

somehow builds two "doc/" fragments?

Then 'F' must also contain "doc/", which I can't believe, because (dir)
returns file names without paths.

I think there is no other way than doing further debugging. If I were
you, I would put an exclamation mark, e.g. in

   (! let (Path (car (file))

and then single-step into the code to see what goes wrong (see the
tutorial for how to do this if necessary).

Alternatively, you may trace more functions, e.g.

   (mapc trace '(file dir info <href>))

to find out where things go wrong.

♪♫ Alex
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