Hi Jon,

> >The big question is: Did it only help to *build* it, or does it also
> >*work* (i.e. does the 'passwd' function function return an encrypted
> >password if '*Salt' is set, see my previous mail)?
> >
> >♪♫ Alex
> Can I test this 'passwd' function in 32-bit PicoLisp? (I may not
> find any time for testing this week.)

Yes, just set *Salt before calling it:

   $ ./pil lib/adm.l +
   : (de *Salt 16 . "$6$@1$")
   -> *Salt
   : (passwd "somestring")   

On failure (for example, if it is the wrong crypt library), you should
get an error message about undefined 'ext:Crypt'.

♪♫ Alex
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