Hi Thorsten,

> Hi List,   when I write a library with its own namespace, and want a
> 'global variable' in that namespace that stores 'vital information'
> for the library - do I use the '*Var' syntax or is that reserved for
> variables that are really global in PicoLisp?

I would say that '*Var' is all right.

> I could of course just name it 'Var', but the '*Var' would underline
> its importance.

Yes. Also, 'Var' is meant to denote symbols which are bound

> BTW Are constants in uppercase (like 'MYCONST')
> acceptable in PicoLisp?

Yes. I haven't seen or used many constants yet (a good case might be
"lib/openGl.l" though), but an all-uppercase notations seems natural to

One thing to remember is of course that there are no real "constants" in
PicoLisp. Anything may be modified at any time.

♪♫ Alex
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