Hi Thorsten,

> in a project with several ".l" files, when all definitions from all
> files should be in the same 'project namespace - what would be the
> "right" way to define the namespace:
>  1. Several '(symbols 'project 'pico) definitions, one at the top of
>     each ".l" file?
>  2. Only one '(symbols 'project 'pico) definition at the top of that
>     ".l" file that loads the other files from the project?

Only (2) will do what you expect. If you call (symbols 'project 'pico)
repeatedly, you re-create the namespace each time.

You could, however, call (symbols 'project 'pico) once, and then later
at other occasions (symbols 'project) to switch to that project without
re-creating the namespace.

The calls to 'symbols' don't need to be at the beginning of a file, but
'load' always takes care of restoring the previous namespace when done.

♪♫ Alex
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