Hi Jon,

thanks for the feedback! :)

> A couple of questions:
> 1) Will your canvas library allow the use of non-integer values? The

Yes. JavaScript doesn't really care about the type of an argument, so
you should be able to pass a string like "0.5", or (format Number 3), or

> reason I ask is that I notice that the X-axis in your demo appears,
> at least on my screen, to be two pixels thick (and slightly pale).

Do you mean the box around the whole canvas (there is no dedicated
X-axis)? In fact, the box is not part of the canvas itself, but appears
because of the CSS style "canvas {border: 1px solid}".

> You probably will have to offset it (vertically) by 0.5 to get a
> really sharp one-pixel line. I believe this is how canvas works for
> horizontal and vertical lines.

Yes. In other cases (not in that demo) I saw that drawing a rectangle
with the size of the canvas itself, i.e.

   (csClearRect 0 0 *DX *DY)
   (csStrokeRect 0 0 *DX *DY)

displays the Rectangle with only half the line-width, because the other
half is outside the canvas drawable area.

> 2) I've always thought that the most recent articles in the PicoLisp
> wiki should (automatically) appear at the bottom of the article
> lists, but thinking of it a bit more, the fact is that the author is
> free to put it anywhere he/she likes, and you put yours somewhere in
> the middle of <http://picolisp.com/5000/!wiki?Articles>. I think it

Yeah. I was wondering too where to put it, and ended up putting it
besides "GUI Scripting" for no real special reason ;-)

I would propose that by convention we put new articles always on the
topmost position. Are there other opinions? If not, perhaps we should
(manually) re-order the existing list?

> would have been nice with a little "flag" indicating if an article
> was newer than e.g. a month, or if there was a way to sort the
> articles in a list by creation or modification date ... Just
> dreaming. ;-)

In a certain way this is already available. I usually do it this

   1. Go to the DB maintenance GUI (http://wiki.picolisp.com)
   2. Log in
   3. Click on "Documents" in the menu

By default (i.e. if you don't enter a specific name), the search dialog
shows all document reverse sorted by modification date, i.e. the latest
changes on top. There you can also click on the '@' of documents you are
interested in, and thus immediately get the "Revsion history" with the
differences between the versions etc.

> Anyway, it's nice to see some new and interesting stuff here. Have a
> nice weekend, everybody!

Thanks! You too!

♪♫ Alex
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