Hi Jon,

> > Do you mean the box around the whole canvas (there is no dedicated
> > X-axis)? In fact, the box is not part of the canvas itself, but appears
> > because of the CSS style "canvas {border: 1px solid}".
> No, I mean the redish horizontal line in the middle of the canvas. You can

Ah, right! Yes, that's indeed a kind of X-axis :)

> see an example of sharp (1px) horizontal and vertical lines if you go to
> my
> <http://folk.uio.no/jkleiser/pico/emuLisp/console.html>
> and evaluate e.g. '(1 (2 3)) - then look in the canvas to the right. What
> I do in this console.html is this:
> ctx.translate(16.5, 16.5);
> It's the ".5" that does the trick.

OK. So this could be written as (csTranslate "16.5" "16.5") in PicoLisp?

Another possibility would be to set (csLineWidth "0.5"), right?

♪♫ Alex
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