Hi Henrik,

> So you recommend 10 files in total, at the begining, no need for more, it
> might even be suboptimal with more, yet at the end your example has a lot
> more files than 10.
> I'm confused?

Sorry, my mail was a bit contradictory.

What I meant is that I usually start with the short one. I always use it
for a template for new projects. In the initial phase, when the database
is still changing a lot, this number may increase a bit, but I delete
and recreate the DB all the time anyway (populating it from a file
usually called "xxx/init.l").

The long example I posted to show you that you don't need to put a
single entity or a single index into a single file. The history of
_that_ 'dbs' call is different, it is from an application running since
2001 which was extended and re-organized several times meanwhile (the
first version was even in the old single-file style of PicoLisp).

♪♫ Alex
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