> That's not bad on a VM! Maybe it's not that "virtual" after all? I
> must say that Linux Mint + PicoLisp is a wonderful combination. ;-)

Very interesting, Jon! I'm looking for a tiny minimalistic linux for hosting picolisp in an virtual maching (VMware in my case).

  I would like to have a 1-cpu-VM running picolisp on a Windows Host.
No X Windows or so, just minimalistic (preferred 64bit) Linux with pl.

But Linux Mint is not tiny, isn't it?

Enhancing my question: is there already a vm virtual appliance?

Would'nt make that sense for spreading picolisp to Windows User?
At least to give them a chance to watch at it without simply by loading that vm to their vm player?

Having kind of a 'reference runtime envrionment' ?

Picolisp + minimalistic linux should possibly reside in a very handy VM file, I think?

Greetings, Olaf

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