I've just started reading the book "Prolog and Natural-Language Analysis"
by F. C. N. Pereira and S. M. Shieber, and I'm trying to translate some of
the Prolog code in the book into pilog. I don't expect to take this
translation work very far, but at least I'll try for a while.
After a few Prolog facts like these …

wrote(terry, shrdlu).
wrote(bertrand, principia).

… they introduce this rule:

author(Person) :-
wrote(Person, Book).

Translating the facts into pilog is trivial, but with my limited pilog
knowledge I cannot tell if rules like the one above can be handled by
pilog. The rule says that "Person is an author if there is a book Book and
Person wrote Book." Can pilog express rules like this?

The book is available for free here:


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