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> Hi Christophe,

Hi Alex.

> I'm not sure if I exactly understand what your problem is, but let me
> try to explain a bit.
> …

I think I'm now OK with PicoLisp returning "read'able" transients.
But understanding the mechanism doesn't solve my problem!
The problem is specific to JS, which doesn't "read" PicoLisp in the Lisp sense.
The big picture: I use EmuLisp to embed a French DSL for students to
build formulas.
I only use PicoLisp the language, not the implementation. The work is
done in the client.

> As far as interfacing to LaTeX is concerned, you might also take a look
> at "lib/tex.l" in the PicoLisp distribution...

After a glance on tex.l, I don't think it will be of any help, but thanks.



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