One more doubt:

Without going into the details, assume there is a relation like this

| (rel elem-id (+Number))

and it is "reused":

1. first, it holds an (arbitrary) number that is used during object
   creation to associate it with other objects that are created too in
   the same commit. 

2. once the db-objects are, these id's can be (and are) overwritten to
   omething more meaningfull, I had my own function for this, but now I
   want to use Henriks proposal (integers produced with the id function).

Is step (1) still possible when the relation is defined as

| (rel elem-id (+Key +Number))

i.e. can I first assign e.g. 37 to it during the object creation, and
then let the 'id' function re-assign e.g. 9 to it when post-processing
the newly created objects?



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