Hi, Simon,

you can use "apply" here:

(de exe2 (X)
   (apply 'call X) )

because "call" needs multiple arguments, but not one list.

Best regards,
Mansur Mamkin

17.04.2014 7:17, Simon Luetzelschwab пишет:

PicoLisp is my first LISP dialect and I'm trying to move some of the
things I do on the command line to PicoLisp's REPL and scripts.

I'm playing around with pipes, in, out and call and have a basic question:

If I have the following fun -

(de exe (X)
    (eval (cons 'call X)) )

I can call it as follows -

(exe '("ls" "-l"))

However, if I've defined it as -

(de exe2 (X)
    (call X) )

I can't figure out how to call exe2.

(exe2 '("ls" "-l"))
ls-l: Can't exec
-> NIL

I'm pretty sure I shouldn't be using eval for such a case, but can't
figure it out.

Any insight much appreciated.


PS: I checked the reference, online docs and Henrik's Ext / cmd.l lib
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