Hi Christophe,
and other interested fellow picolispers :)

> 3) Regarding EmuLisp again, and for your information, I've created
> (and am using seriously!) a JS pil, that I named `piljs` which runs on
> node

I'm highly interested in this.

We must distinguish between:

A) javascript implementation of picolisp, so picolisp runs on
browser/node.js (this requires two different implementations I guess, even
when they share a lot in common)

B) javascript generating from picolisp, so we can program on HTML DOM in
browser using picolisp, or interact with node.js libraries from picolisp
running on / or calling node.js

As I understand it, the JVM lisp language Clojure (and its subset
ClojureScript) are covering both of this. I believe it would be very
interesting to have this for picolisp too.

I guess for having B) really covering everything, it requires A) to be
So one way would be to write an pil interpreter on js, which might be
reached in a various of ways as currently being discussed, and then
writting some libraries to interact with the environment

Another way might be reimplementing pil on top of ClojureScript, not sure
if that makes sense.
Might be easier to implement it a lisp dialect instead of javascript.

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