Hi Christophe,

> One remark: there is something weird near «Only indentaion, though,»
> (color and typo).

Oops, right! I used :{Only} (the markup for code) instead of !{Only)
(markup for bold). Fixed it :)

> One question: could you explain what the script you use in vim does?

It simply counts spaces at the beginning of each line, and adds or
removes some of them to get the right indentation. For that, it scans
the lines for open parentheses '(' and ')', or super-parentheses '[' and
']', and ignores those characters when they are in comments or strings.

> why is there no reference to pretty?

Pretty does more than just indentation, as it re-formats the whole
expression. This might be too much in normal editing. And it also
expands read-macros, removes comments etc.

But it could be used, that's right. You don't even need a separate
script for it. In 'vim', you just position the cursor at the
beginning of an s-expression, and type

   !%pil -'pretty (read)' -bye

(that is, you type '!' for "external command", then '%' to refer to the
current s-expression, and then the command "pil ...").

> I saw your tweet yesterday and was amazed: 1986!
> This is really huge. Call this mature.

Well, as you see, it was not mature at all :)

> So now (pretty) is this one at code.google?

Yes, and in http://software-lab.de/picoLisp.tgz

♪♫ Alex
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