I did some experimenting running PicoLisp on a Firefox OS phone and
then on an Android device. I was interested in getting the Lisp
environment working and being able to load shared libraries to extend
it. I wrote up the Android details here:


The steps involved:

1) Installing the Android NDK standalone toolchain
2) Patching the source to use it
3) Building
4) Copying to the device
5) Running in 'adb shell'

On a rooted device, or an older Android device (pre-JellyBean I think)
you can run it in the Terminal Emulator available from the Play store
instead of 'adb shell'.

I can see it being possible to create a nifty Lisp 'on phone'
development environment using PisoLisp's web framework, plus
reflection, allowing development from a desktop to a tethered phone.

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