Hi all,

thanks for the feedback!

> You would be mad to use Erzats for performance anyway, so I'd wish for
> correctness or similarity. It would also serve as a documentation of
> what it takes to implement a full PicoLisp. Sort of a portable spec.

OK, but it is also a bit mad to check for something we know it will be
checked immediately after that again. And we can't tell the JVM "don't
check that, we've done it already".

Samuel's proposal for 'Control' is perhaps not useful here, as it is for
catch/throw only.

We could catch the NullPointerException and then throw an error. But
that's also rather ugly, and setting up the handler for that is probably
more expensive than just checking the value.

So I inserted checks for 'Env.make' and the corresponding error messages
into "ersatz/fun.src".

♪♫ Alex
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