A recent mail to Abu, posted here on Abu's advise.

Dear Abu,

I must thank you that PicoLisp exists to SOS: Save Our Souls!

* Some Points
  + Recursive acronym
    - Like GNU: GNU is Not Unix.
    - Pico is Lisp Integration|Integrated System for Programs|Programming.

  + What Lisp brought to programming, PicoLisp brought to
    - Lisp
    - Lisp Implementation
    - Programming
    - Programming languages.

  + 64 Bit
    - By passes C, hence true|real language.
    - Not just lambda over C or sugar coated lispy library layer.

  + Holistic vs Reductionist approach|philosophy
    - Closes gaps
      * Among Database|SQL,GUI and General programming.
      * PicoLisp System Developer vs User.

  + Compiled in head (PicoLisp system) vs Compiled in machine (Other languages).
    - Not easy to learn for surface (single layer) programmers.
    - Necessary to know complete system to the extent one intends perfection
      * Anatomy, Implementation, Design.
    - German school (Flexible, Transparent, Whole) vs American (Fixed, Black 
box, Reduction-into-disjoints).
    - Once understood completely|beyond-threshold, offers unparalleled rock 
solid system. (Seems so!)

  + Software = Hardware
    Language = System = VM.
* 64 Bit Installation clarity?
  1. Kindly clarify 64 bit installation with clearer steps. There is a bit of, 
or at-least seems to be, stepping to-and-fro between 64-bit, 32-bit and back to 
64-bit! Provide better installation instructions.
  2. How to test whether 64 bit system has been installed?
  3. I could not find novice friendly complete steps to run/hack the simple 
family database example given in [http://software-lab.de/dbui.html] and/or 
similar examples like http://canvas.picolisp.com.

* Newlisp! Again.
  1. I must confess my infatuation persists|lingers for Newlisp. Even after 
recursively reading docs of PicoLisp!
  2. Newlisp looks very easy, shining and sweet.
  3. Honest comparison needed to help me. Heart with Newlisp but head with 
  4. Life is short, deadlines expired already, torn between two worlds!
  If Abu can not help, who will?
(Dehradun, Near Himalayas, India)

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