Alabhya Singh <> writes:

> 1. I am already on job!


> Have converted, by hand, most of docs into format.
> In this process discovered "missing" RnRS type doc.

Reminds me very much of what I did to produce the two mentioned
books. Wouldn't it make more sense to spend the effort in improving and
updating the books that already exist instead of starting from scratch

> Alas! Only an expert can write it.

True, but expert time is limited and valuable, and this kind of job is
very tedious and time-consuming, I know that from proper experience...

> 2. Will appreciate if I get in pure ASCII or org form the following
> books suggested by you.
> (i) PicoLisp-Works
> (ii) PicoLisp-by-Example

You could clone the git repos, there you have the sources as .tex files
(which can be converted to other formats with pandoc and probably other





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