I am often confused between the variants of the map functions: map, mapc, 
mapcar, mapcan, mapcon, maplist. 

The other related ones are easier because of the names: fish, filter, pick, 
extract ...

Their descriptions are very much alike, differing in maybe one line. Also, when 
I want to use it is hard to know which one I want, without going back to 
reference and reading all the descriptions.

Is there a short one-line synposis/organization of these functions with the key 
words, and/or a mnemonic that you may use to remember the differences?
e.g Apply to each element: mapc, mapcar, mapcan
       Apply to CDR: map, mapcon, maplist
       Return value : 

           Destructively concatenated list: mapcan, mapcon
           Result of each application: map, mapc
           List of all results: maplist, mapcar

       Destructive: mapcan, mapcon

But this organization does not seem to help much .. maybe there is a better way.



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