To be able to use a language with utmost confidence one should be able to 
understand its implementation so much so as to be able to implement it and 
maintain it.

This I am saying from my experience in maintaining my Porteus Linux system.
PicoLisp matches Porteus in many ways, minimalist, easy to maintain, speed etc.

PicoLisp philosophy of minimal orthogonal design makes it ideal for this down 
to bare metal approach.

However I am just a novice lisp programmer who would love to invest significant 
effort into learning through using picoLisp.

I shall be grateful if Alexander and/or other senior experienced people be kind 
enough to outline various components of implementing picoLisp.

Such as: knowledge level of lisp, assembly and C (reference books, links etc). 

Kindly indicate steps to start learning how to implement and maintain picoLisp.

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