Thorsten Jolitz <>

> Alabhya Singh <> writes:
>>  Thanks a lot! Thorsten Jolitz for detailed informative help. 
> As an Org-mode fan I would really like to have these docs in Org-mode,
> would make everything easier, but then you need to prepare the export to
> LaTeX such that the outcome looks as professional as the Springer
> LaTeX templates I used for the books. Its possible, but likely not easy
> and time consuming. 

BTW, while it would be definitely useful to convert these docs to more
formats, it would be even more useful (and probably much easier) to
update them to include all new docs from the wiki and other sources
since their release.

They do already exist as PDF (github), can be browsed on the web
(scribd) and can easily be converted to .txt with GNU/Linux tools, thats
something. Org-mode would be great, but optional I would say.

If you want to help improving the PicoLisp documentation with updating
the books, let me know, I can give you some scripts and pointers that
could be useful.

Another very valuable contribution would be to create a third book 

| "The PicoLisp Mail Archive"

with all substantial posts/threads to the PicoLisp mailing list. Alex
has a complete archive of these posts that has a pretty consistent
format and thus could easily be converted to LaTeX with a script. But in
the end human intelligence (and time and effort) is needed to filter out
those posts/threads that are worth publishing (there are lots of them),
remove text duplication etc. The book could be created using "PicoLisp
by Example" as a LaTeX template.

I'm sure Alex and the community would appreciate contributions (I



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