I'm building a script to print the contents of a directory tree
recursively, but I'm facing some problems.
The script can be found at http://ideone.com/BuN931
Attached, I also send the script as well as the directory tree I
created to test it.

The problems:
1) how to print a blank line?

2) The function GetFullPath (Parent L Full) [line 6]  seems to return
a list with the subdir components of some dir, but (ffiles (cdr
(append Dir_list (GetFullPath Item (dir Item))))) ) [line 39]  does
not seem to get that list back.  When I run it, it only seems to get a
list of one file only, even if there's a a sub-directory there.

3) (lst? (GetFullPath Item (dir Item)))    [line 38]  is not doing
what I was expecting, returning T or NIL whether GetFullPath sends a
list or not.

FYI, I've already seen http://rosettacode.org/wiki/Walk_Directory_Tree#PicoLisp.


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