Hi Mark,

> Sure.  Here is the plisp code, such as it is.  It is unoptimised,
> blah-blah.  Some sample line from the data files are also
> included for reference.

I haven't tried the code, or analyzed it in detail. But indeed I would
also expect that the time should increase linearly.

As you observed, there is a lot of room for optimization, but that is
not the question.

The amount of data (= length of the lists) is the same in each test,
right? Because, if the lists were longer, accessing them with 'get'
would cause an exponential increase.

You might consider some measurements to find out what causes this
behavior. Especially, take a look at the profiling library in
"@lib/prof.l". Or simply use 'bench'.

♪♫ Alex
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