Hi list !

This thread is meant to collect ideas about PilMCU.
At least mine (because I need to clean them up a bit)
and ideas of other PicoLispers (out of curiosity).

Maybe some items will look more like questions like «is it even possible?»!
(This email took me at least two weeks of careful drafting.)

May this thread help Alex and George to refine their biz-plan!

My ideas are all related to the language I embed in PicoLisp:
I dream about a small box that would interpret this language and interact
in several ways with the user (output of course, but input like coding
the box too,
as well as typing words or other (gaming) peripherals).

Now I may go in more details. I'm not saying that Alex and George
may build this box, but could consider enough flexibility and connectivity
for someone to be able to build this kind of project based on their project

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