I've started a wiki document:


Will flesh it out over the next few days.

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On 2014-10-7, 4:36 PM, Christophe Gragnic wrote:
> Hi list !
> This thread is meant to collect ideas about PilMCU.
> At least mine (because I need to clean them up a bit)
> and ideas of other PicoLispers (out of curiosity).
> Maybe some items will look more like questions like «is it even possible?»!
> (This email took me at least two weeks of careful drafting.)
> May this thread help Alex and George to refine their biz-plan!
> My ideas are all related to the language I embed in PicoLisp:
> http://microalg.info
> I dream about a small box that would interpret this language and interact
> in several ways with the user (output of course, but input like coding
> the box too,
> as well as typing words or other (gaming) peripherals).
> Now I may go in more details. I'm not saying that Alex and George
> may build this box, but could consider enough flexibility and connectivity
> for someone to be able to build this kind of project based on their project

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