I just realised that my first email has been truncated !!!
Strange as, in my gmail, when I reply to myself, I have the email in
its entirety:
(I just added http://www.arduino.cc/ )

On Tue, Oct 7, 2014 at 10:36 PM, Christophe Gragnic
<christophegrag...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi list !
> […I delete the part you already received…]
> I'd be interested in a small box with:
> SD card for storing programs.
> One button to reset and trigger some kind of main.l file.
> Editing of files available from USB:
> * external keyboard (the box is the HOST of the keyboard and the SD
> card), for on-the road edition,
> * also access to the SD card from a connected computer (computer is
> the HOST), for convenient edition.
> I realise that the SD card cannot be connected to both. Is there a trick to
> allow a smooth switch?
> Let's imagine:
> 2× standard USB
> 1× female micro-USB (power supply and SD edit)
> Now talking about the display. Would HDMI and/or VGA be feasible ?
> I also stumbled upon things like GPIO, I2C and SPI but it's well beyond
> my humble knowledge in electronics.
> Some links I found:
> http://www.arduino.cc/ (of course)
> https://micropython.org/store/#/store
> http://www.udoo.org/
> So now you, how would you use PilMCU?
> chri
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