Hi Alex,

From what I can see at code.google.com, you missed the last 'g' in both of my 
expressions. And also I think you forgot the additions ('sub?') I suggested to 
the "See also" on 'offset' and 'index'.

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Hi Jon,

> : (sub? "def" '(a b c d e f g))
> -> "abcdefg"
> : (sub? '(d e f) "abcdefg")
> -> "abcdefg"
> - and that the "See also" includes 'offset' and 'index'. I also think
> that the "See also" for 'offset' and 'index' should include 'sub?'.

Thanks! I added this.

Consequently, I also did the same for 'pre?' / 'head'.

♪♫ Alex
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