Hi Geo,

First of all, great progress with the pilMCU so far, I hope the EEPROM 
continues to work and you can move on to the next step.

A small suggestion - please put big image files on some site (imgur etc) and 
attach - it would be easier, downloading large email file takes time (I don't 
use webmails like gmail).

Further, I have a couple questions on the implementation, 
you said you had an emulator running picolisp already - 

is this actually the whole picolisp converted somehow to a dedicated CPU 
running on FPGA, or is that an actual CPU emulated (say some kind of ARM), and 
picolisp compiled for that CPU ?

I'm just trying to have a sense of what the pilMCU will become - will it be 
running on some kind of microcontroller, or will it actually run on a FPGA with 
a dedicated CPU, or maybe will it be some kind of ARM or MIPS core running on 
FPGA running the picolisp ?

If the picolisp were to run on a real FPGA, there has to be a CPU somewhere..., 
I just wonder whether you're trying (or already have) to develop a CPU that 
runs picolisp itself, or will that be some kind of generic CPU.
This could determine how popular picolisp could become - if it's able to run on 
generic (not only FPGA) hardware.

Think for example of micropython or armpit-scheme - those are able to run on 
many microtrollers, I personally run them on a STM32F4 that's quite powerful 
(1MB flash, 200KB RAM) - pretty good for a mictrocontroller


On Oct 17, 2014, at 8:33 PM, gpor...@yahoo.com wrote:

> Hi List,
> Just want to inform that progress will be a bit slow coz I’m going home 
> tomorrow and be able to get back on this after 10 days, but im bringing my 
> laptop with me and see how it goes there 😊
> I’m still stuck with EEPROM coz it’s using I2C bus in which is serial, on my 
> simulated version we use a parallel one so it was easy to handle. But no 
> worries I already almost near to make it work, I just need to take a close 
> look on how my I2C master perform esp the signals.
> Will keep you posted, bis bald!
> BR,
> Geo
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