On November 25, 2014 at 11:19 AM Kuba Tyszko <k...@lbl.pl> wrote:
> is this actually the whole picolisp converted somehow to a dedicated CPU
> running on FPGA, or is that an actual CPU emulated (say some kind of ARM),
> and picolisp compiled for that CPU ?

It is a new CPU.

> I'm just trying to have a sense of what the pilMCU will become - will it be
> running on some kind of microcontroller, or will it actually run on a FPGA
> with a dedicated CPU, or maybe will it be some kind of ARM or MIPS core
> running on FPGA running the picolisp ?

pilMCU is a new CPU. However, "regular" PicoLisp, can, and has been, ported to
various microcontrollers.
Any 32 or 64 bit microcontroller can have PicoLisp ported to it.

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