I had been meaning to ask this same question myself (and thanks to dave
for bringing it up). I wrote a quick launcher namely for the console,
it uses rotate to select options and settings, that changes the options
list "in place" and worked really well actually, I like the effect.

Then I wanted to insert INTO the options list using command line
switches, and there I was stumped at first, wondering what is
destructive, what is not and so forth (or what that even IS), finally
returned a rebuilt options list to an assignment, but thinking all
along that "there must be a better way".

So made some changes using your suggestion with set and nth:

Replaced this:

#(de insert_opt (Id X)
#   (setq *opts
#      (make
#         (for L *opts
#            (if (= Id (car L))
#               (link (place 4 L (cons X (last L))))
#               (link L) ) ) ) ) )

with this:

(de insert_opt (Id X)
   (let L (nth (assoc Id *opts) 4)
      (set L (cons X (car L))) ) )

(this uses a let because I couldn't get a @ or @@ working...)


By the way, if you fire up ez_opts (its fun), use j and k to select
options, h and l to rotate presets (the car in a presets list is the
active setting), and if the car is itself a list, you can rotate it with
the i key. That's it! The opts menu here is for (what else!) a
flashcard-like program, but could be anything.


#!/usr/bin/picolisp /usr/lib/picolisp/lib.l

   *ed2  "^[[2J" *cud3i "^[[3B  " *cr "^M" *esc "^["
   *ezkeys '("h" "j" "k" "l" "i") )

(de cupyx (Y X)
   (pack "^[[" Y ";" X "H") )

(de rotl (L)
   (do (- (length L) 1) (rot L)) )

(de gopt (X)
   (car (last (assoc X *opts))) )

(de ez_opts ()
      (prin *ed2 (cupyx 2 3) *title)
      (for L (reverse *opts)
         (prin (cupyx (cadr L) 3) (caddr L))
         (print (last L)) )
      (prin *cr)
      (T (not (member (setq K (key)) *ezkeys)) K)
      (case K
         ("j" (rotl *opts))
         ("k" (rot *opts))
         ("l" (rot (last (car *opts))))
         ("h" (rotl (last (car *opts))))
         ("i" (rot (car (last (car *opts))))) ) ) )

#(de insert_opt (Id X)
#   (setq *opts
#      (make
#         (for L *opts
#            (if (= Id (car L))
#               (link (place 4 L (cons X (last L))))
#               (link L) ) ) ) ) )

(de insert_opt (Id X)
   (let L (nth (assoc Id *opts) 4)
      (set L (cons X (car L))) ) )

(de l ()
   (let X (any (opt))
      (when (info X) (load X)) ) )
### end of "lib-able" ez_opts, start of cards ###

(setq *title "CARDS: ")

(setq *opts '(
   (hst 4 "hosts:  " (pc fb))
   (fil 6 "files:  " (de dgs paz saz))
   (sel 8 "limit:  " (5 10 20 50))
   (dsp 10 "views:  " ((1 2) (d_ de) (p de) (sp 1) (v de)))
   (sec 12 "times:  " ((-1 2) (-1 -1) (3 2) (1 1)))
   (duh 14 "lkeys:  " ((l) (l NIL)))
   (dia 16 "sshow:  " (1 2 5)) ))

(de main NIL
   (seed (time))
   (while (<> (ez_opts) *esc) )
   # cards program code removed - exit with ESC! #
   (prin *ed2 "^[[1;1H")
   (raw NIL) )

# usage: -v "4 5" (adds (4 5) to views presets)
(de v ()
   (let X (str (opt))
      (when (lst? X) (insert_opt 'dsp X) ) ) )

# usage: -f xxx (file must exist, adds to presets)
(de f ()
   (let X (any (opt))
      (when (info X) (insert_opt 'fil X) ) ) )

(load T)
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