Hi list.

I discovered this several weeks ago and thought this afternoon
that it may interest some of you.

Put this in .vim/ftdetect/lisp.vim
au BufNewFile,BufRead *.l set filetype=lisp

Then this in your .vimrc
let g:lisp_rainbow = 1
" for things like +-*/><= to stay white:
hi def lispFunc   ctermfg=grey
" green transients:
hi def lispString ctermfg=darkgreen
" /real/ rainbow parens:
hi def hlLevel0   ctermfg=darkred
hi def hlLevel1   ctermfg=brown
hi def hlLevel2   ctermfg=yellow
hi def hlLevel3   ctermfg=green
hi def hlLevel4   ctermfg=cyan
hi def hlLevel5   ctermfg=blue
hi def hlLevel6   ctermfg=darkmagenta

I found it very interesting for students, but useful for me too !



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