Hi Joe,

> Can anyone point me to a good argument for PicoLisp as a PROIV alternative?

As you know, I'm writing ERP systems too, in PicoLisp. For me, the most
important point is the tight integration of database and GUI. It makes
it extremely easy and fast to implement all kinds of specific and
customized features.

As I understand PROIV (I don't know it at all, just from looking at the
Wikipedia page), it supports only a special GUI client using ActiveX
(Windows). I believe that a browser GUI is much more general and useful.

Other issues might relate to the language. I would assume that PicoLisp
with OOP, Pilog etc. is much more powerful than a language "such as
ABAP, FOCUS and RPG", and "little or no object-orientation and makes
only a limited amount of procedural abstraction available to the

But, on the other hand, it is extremely difficult to convince long-time
users of a give system of the benefits of another (completely different)
system ;)

♪♫ Alex
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