Dear Raman,

> peripherals. For example, if one does not require the pulse width
> modulation functions, she can simply disable the compilation of the
> PWM PicoLisp module by commenting it out.
> ...
> ...
> Now with miniCodeROM, I must (in theory) place the above conditions
> (#ifdefs, other application specific macros for conditional compilation)
> in init.s and expect to find them in ram.d/rom.d.
> ...
> However, I see there's no direct way to put user specific code/macros
> (like the one above) in init.s.

I see! Right, the "init.s" mechansim doesn't handle this.

> While this might require a tweak in gen3m.c, is there an easier way to
> conditionally include ROM and RAM references in main.c? (rom.d &
> ram.d includes).

What comes to mind is using the C preprocessor to build "init.s" from
a copy or a template.

♪♫ Alex

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