Hi Christophe,

> but with Ersatz. Has it been done ? If not, would it involve:
> 1) the use of the -server function in http.l

I haven't thought about this in depth. 'server' might be ported to
Ersatz perhaps, by omitting the (fork) stuff.

> 2) grab the path of the requested file
> 3) read the file and send it to the client
> 4) write a little file explorer when requesting a directory

I think this can all be done, by porting parts of the 'http' function.

> BTW, wouldn't it be more correct to say
> «Then the -server function is called»
> than
> «Then the server function is called»
> near the end of this section:
> http://software-lab.de/doc/app.html#server

Yes, that's true, though the final effect is the same. First '-server'
is called, which in turn calls 'server'. I have fixed it in "app.html".

♪♫ Alex
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