Hi Alexander W.,

I’m just curious about what kind of development system you’re using. From the 
screen dump in the picolisp-bcrypt/README.md it seems that you are using some 
kind of Mac OSX, but at the same time the README.md says that “PicoLisp 64-bit 
v3.1.9+” is required. Are you using Docker?


On 17. Mar, 2015, at 09:52, Alexander Williams <a...@unscramble.co.jp> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I've cooked up yet another library for everyone to enjoy. This time it's for 
> "bcrypt" hashing:
>   https://github.com/aw/picolisp-bcrypt
> I haven't written an EXPLAIN.MD though, because the code is so brief and 
> doesn't really introduce anything new.
> This was written as per someone's request on IRC (beneroth?), and it turns 
> out I needed it as well.
> As usual, let me know your comments/suggestions.
> Thanks!

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