Hi David,

thanks for the info!

> Today on HN I read about a tiny stack-based CPU called J1.
> This is its homepage: http://www.excamera.com/sphinx/fpga-j1.html and here is 
> a more formal description: http://www.excamera.com/files/j1.pdf

As Geo said, there have been Forth CPUs around a long time. I saw the
first ones around 20 years ago. Forth is a very simple virtual machine,
which maps perfectly to hardware.

>       "The J1 is probably close to the simplest possible useful CPU."
> Alexander, do you agree with that statement?  Is the J1 the same as pil?

I see no similarities at all. Also, PilMCU doesn't strive particularly
for simplicity (the PicoLisp *language* does). It is rather complex,
with built-in database and garbage collection.

♪♫ Alex
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