Hi Christophe,

> Would it be possible to just cast (Seed >>> 32) to a long:
> if ((n = evInt(ex.Cdr) + 1 - ((Number)x).Cnt) != 0)
>     n = (long)(Seed >>> 32) % n;

Yes, this seems to be a good idea.

The (long) cast should not be needed, as 'Seed' and 'n' already are long
numbers. So if I change this to

   n = (Seed >>> 32) % n;

should it be OK?

> Some naive tests (see here: http://pastebin.com/hnnRLPA0) seem
> to confort my idea, but I may have missed something (again).

Good. I have changed it, and uploaded a new version. Can you perhaps
test it a little more?

Thanks for the input!
♪♫ Alex
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