Hi all, after over a month without any of the prior issues I now
consider the websockets part of pl-web stable:
https://bitbucket.org/hsarvell/pl-web Gone are the days of 100% CPU
usage and zombie processes.

With Alex's help the main web server is now more stable (he made me
throw away a few throws in favour of a few byes). The throws were
causing the zombies.

I was also including dbg.l (it was causing hung processes at 100%
CPU), it's basically been deprecated or something, I'll leave it up to
him to elaborate. It's just something I've been including by habit
since years ago when at some point I needed to include it to do some
kind of debugging.

Anyway atm the WS router is regularly routing up to 40 messages per
second to upwards 300-500 clients which means that roughly 20,000
messages are being pushed out per second during peak hours.

The PL processes show up with 0 CPU and 0 RAM usage when I run top,
sometimes 1% CPU :) They hardly register even i aggregate, the server
would be running 99% idle if it was only running the WS server.

To work around the inter-process limit of 4096 byte long messages the
router now supports storing the messages in Redis (raw disk is also
supported if Redis is not available), this is also in effect in
production and is working flawlessly since months.

This is how I start the WS server in production:

(load "pl-web/pl-web.l")

(setq *Mobj (new '(+Redis) "pl-ws-"))

(undef 'app)

(setq *WsAuth '(("notifications" (("send" ("put your password/key here"))))))

(de app ()

(de go ()
   (server 9090) )
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