Hi Alex,

>> > tomas@x ~ % pstree | grep pi
>> >      |      |-zsh---pil---picolisp
>> > 
>> > I can see pil in the process list but I would prefer if it was replaced
>> > by the picolisp process (aka shell exec).
>> This can be done with the (surprise!) 'exec' function
>>    http://software-lab.de/doc/refE.html#exec
> On the other hand, if you need to use (fork) 0 for example because you
> want to inherit something from the parent pil process to the child - you
> can simply (bye) in the parent after forking the child.

my question is about the bin/pil shell script.  Thinking about it now,
this script is not for production iirc, so an extra shell process is not
a problem actually.

Thank you,

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