Hi all,

it seems that there are still problems with booting PilOS.

While it works for me (on Qemu and on my Acer notebook), it hear that on
other emulators or hardware people just see a black screen. So I would
be glad to find out the reason(s).

One reason might be that the image is not recognized as a hard disk:


So I followed the suggestions there, and changed the partition table to
two dummy-partitions instead of one. Also, I set one System ID to
"Linux" ("83", instead of the arbitrary "22" before), and the other to
"Linux swap" (ID "82"). I don't know if this helps though.

Also, I added a few diagnostic messages, to see how far it gets.

So anybody daring to try it is welcome! As before, PilOS can be
downloaded from


and put on an USB-Stick, e.g. on /dev/sdb

   $ sudo dd if=x86-64.img of=/dev/sdb

Then try to boot (only on x86-64 (Amd64) hardware, of course).

♪♫ Alex
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